STAREDOWN: Mayweather and Logan Paul go face-to-face or face-to-chin or whatever


Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are three days out from their hugely-hyped and surely by some people highly-anticipated exhibition event this Sunday on Showtime pay-per-view, and the two met up today at a place rich people think is just the bee’s knees to talk some and stare at each other.

Since people LOVE video of lads staring at each other, here you go:

We’ll make clear again since we have no affiliate links to sell you the pay-per-view that no matter what Logan Paul says, this is absolutely an exhibition. There are no judges, no winner will be announced if it goes the eight-round distance.

As Mayweather himself so helpfully put it today, “This is not a real fight for me.” I will admit I have enjoyed how boldly and clearly Mayweather has put what he’s doing here.

If you want to watch like two Earth hours of their “media availability” from today, here’s the full video:

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