Logan Paul On Floyd Mayweather Exhibition: “I Knew If It Went The Distance I Won, Technically”


Posted on 06/07/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Despite both Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul hyping up their showdown, there was never going to be an official winner. The two faced off in a David vs. Goliath sized exhibition contest at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida this past Sunday night.

Although neither man wore any headgear and despite their continued claims of hurting one another, according to the rules, no winner would officially be announced. Also, there were no judges sitting in their customary ringside position.

Still, regardless of the clear-cut rules, Paul believes that after going the distance against someone with the status of Mayweather, the rules go out the window as he did in fact win after all.

“I knew if it went the distance I won, technically,” said Paul at the post-fight presser. “But that wasn’t the game plan. When you’re fighting a guy like Floyd the legend, you’re kind of relying on him to figure out the game plan and just play off his. I think I got him with a good shot in that first round which threw him off a little bit.”

As previously mentioned by Paul, the social media star did enjoy moments of success early on. After attempting to feel out his man in the opening round, Paul threw caution to the wind and went for it. Having what appeared to be a weight advantage of over 60 pounds, Paul used all of it in the final seconds of the first round. He threw big shots at the retired Hall of Famer and seemed hellbent on getting him out of there before the end of the bell.

While the momentum may have been firmly in his corner, Mayweather quickly snatched it away as he found his rhythm. The speed and slick combinations may have been a touch slower than they were in his prime, but they were more than enough to push Paul back in the next round.

As the larger man began to tire, Mayweather appeared to be as fresh as a daisy. During the latter portion of their contest, Mayweather aimed for the knockout but with Paul continually grabbing and holding, he was unable to land the fight ending shot he was looking for.

Considering that the overwhelming majority believed that Paul would get knocked out in brutal fashion, he has no shame in admitting that simply leaving the ring upright was a victory in itself.

“Surviving against Floyd Mayweather is great.”

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