‘I give Charlo a good chance against Canelo’: Benavidez talks proposed matchup


With it now being clear that David Benavidez won’t be in line to land a fight against either Canelo Alvarez nor Jermall Charlo, Benavidez shares some of his thoughts on what he makes of a proposed fight between Canelo and Charlo. Benavidez says while he would likely favor Canelo in that matchup, it’s not one he would count Charlo out in.

Benavidez on what chance he would give Jermall Charlo to beat Canelo

“I give Charlo a good chance. Charlo’s been a very talented fighter, very talented. And especially when you get opportunities like this, it’s probably what you need, that spark, to wake you back up and work hard. But it’s a good fight. I’ll still watch it.

“I think so (Canelo wins that fight), it’s just him being more active. Two years is a long time, he’s gonna come back, ring rust, he’s not taking no tune-up fight. But he knows himself, he knows his body so I can’t speak about how (Charlo) feels. It’s gonna be a good fight.

“(Charlo) has a really good chance. But the only thing I’m saying, it’s like the ring rust, he’s never fought at 168, and he’s going up against the best fighter. It’s gonna be a good fight anyways, he still has a good chance of winning.”

On if it feels like this proposed match between Canelo and Charlo is one between two men avoiding a fight against him

“Yeah, basically. Charlo don’t want to fight me, Canelo don’t want to fight me either. I’m not talking shit, I just want to give the fans the best fights. I’m not trying to disrespect nobody or nothing, I want to do my job — give the fans the best fights possible.”

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