‘They’re trying to pull some slick s—t’: Prograis claims Haney trying to duck, Devin responds


Regis Prograis lashed out at Devin Haney today, saying that Haney is trying to avoid a proposed Oct. 28 fight with him.

Prograis (29-1, 24 KO), who would be defending his WBC junior welterweight title in the bout, says that Team Haney are trying to move the date, which he claims is set in a contract he’s already signed.

“Man, they got some pussy in this fight game right now,” Prograis said in a social media post. “So you know me and Haney supposed to fight, right? We agreed on date, we agreed on everything, and now they’re trying to move the date and stuff like that. The Haneys — I know y’all smart, but y’all some smart bitches at the same time. Y’all pulling some dirty shit, bro — not dirty, y’all trying to pull some slick shit, but we ain’t going for that.

“We already agreed to the date, that’s what it is! We agreed to the date already! Why can’t you go on the same date we agreed? I already signed the contract! What else do you want? What more y’all want? Come on, man. Y’all some bitches, dog. The Haneys some bitches.

“Y’all are scared of me. You don’t want me to get ready. That’s what y’all don’t want to do, but I’m already getting ready. I signed the contract for the date already. The date is already in the contract. Y’all can’t move it!

“And you ain’t no big draw, I don’t need you! So if you don’t want to fight, go fight somebody else, do what you want. Stay at 135, and do whatever you gotta do. But the date is the date and I’m standing on that.”

Haney (30-0, 15 KO), who would be coming up from lightweight for the bout, and going back to work with Matchroom and DAZN after three fights with Top Rank and ESPN, says that it’s nothing more than the average hammering out the specifics that happens with pretty much any boxing contract.

“(Go) train and let me and your boss Eddie (Hearn) finish ironing out these details on the contract, including the venue,” he said in a reply on the post.

“If you were in tune, then you would know that the hold for the venue in Vegas wasn’t locked in, so we’re figuring it out. Stop trying to get out of this shit.”

We discussed the fight on this week’s podcast, with John and myself both really excited to see it, so hopefully it gets done. Having seen these sort of things play out many times, this one doesn’t seem to be in any real jeopardy from what’s being said here, but that’s of course far from any guarantee.

Haney, 24, is coming off of a controversial win over Vasiliy Lomachenko on May 20, where he retained his undisputed lightweight championship. The WBC have since moved him to “champion in recess,” meaning the WBC title is vacant at the moment.

Prograis, 34, last fought on June 17, winning an uninspiring split decision over Danielito Zorrilla, after impressing in a stoppage win over Jose Zepeda to claim the WBC 140 lb belt last November.

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