Who wins KSI vs Tommy Fury? Picks for Misfits and two world title fights


It’s KSI and Tommy Fury on Saturday!

And also two real world title fights. Well, as “real” as world title fights get in a sport where there are four world titles per division, or five if you’re an IBO supporter. Officially, this site is not one.

So who wins this weekend?

Editor’s Note: I didn’t ask anyone to pick the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight because of lingering doubt that it will actually happen until the first bell rings. — Scott

KSI vs Tommy Fury

Scott Christ (83-32)

The thing about this “Tommy Fury is a Real Boxer” thing is I see little evidence that he’s any more a Real Boxer than Jake Paul was or KSI is. Why is he famous? His brother is famous and Tommy got on a reality show. What are his great boxing credentials? That his brother is a great boxer? That’s about it, man. He’s 24 and his best Real Boxing win is Daniel Bocianski. He didn’t demonstrate any amazing Real Boxing superiority against Paul in Saudi Arabia.

KSI is a weird opponent because he throws aggressively from crazy angles that are very much not a good idea with Real Boxing, which could, I guess, give him a chance, but the chance is either to score an upset win or get himself knocked clean out.

Feels like it’s time to do Controversy. My actual pick is some sort of no-contest due to an elbow or clash of heads or whatever, but I’ll say … a draw. Which is never a “smart” pick in this thing, but I can’t “win” the “season” and I also “don’t care.” D-6

Wil Esco (92-23)

Tommy Fury was able to beat Jake Paul in his last outing because while he’s not all that good, he much more closely resembles an actual boxer tha his opponent. I suspect this to be pretty much more of the same. KSI may be popular on YouTube, but his qualifications in the ring leave much to be desired. I’ll take Fury to win a clear decision. Fury UD-6

John Hansen (81-34)

I threw a coin.

Heads was Tommy Fury. Tails was KSI.

It came up heads. Fury UD-6

Patrick Stumberg (88-27)

Jake Paul’s résumé began and ended with an ancient Anderson Silva, but it still blows KSI’s out of the water. It failed to carry him to victory. I have no reason to believe that Fury, who for all his shortcomings and weak opposition remains an actual professional boxer, will struggle here where he didn’t last time. Call me when Jerma laces ‘em up. Fury UD-6

Tim Tszyu vs Brian Mendoza

Scott Christ (83-32)

I like Mendoza, but I think Tszyu will just have too much workrate and too much sincere aggression, and I expect Tim to break him down and put on a good performance at home. A win here should, in theory, get Tszyu a fight with Jermell Charlo, but Charlo is now on to other mandatory orders that he might not field, and Tszyu will be a risk (risk) vs reward (money offered) idea for Jermell at this point.

Don’t really see a path for Mendoza here, if I’m honest. He’s a good, solid fighter who I don’t think will be completely blown away like Carlos Ocampo was or anything, but Tszyu has just kept getting better and more genuinely confident. The Aussie rolls. Tszyu TKO-8

Wil Esco (92-23)

I think Mendoza has been saying pretty much all of the right things leading into this world title shot against Tszyu, but I don’t think he’s going to capitalize much at all when the pair meet in the ring.

The thudding power and workrate coming from Tszyu should give Mendoza real problems, and I think Tszyu’s chin is decent enough to stand up to what will be coming back from Mendoza. As the fight wears on, and despite some early resistance from Mendoza, I think Tszyu picks things up in the second half to hand Mendoza his first stoppage loss. Tszyu TKO-9

John Hansen (81-34)

This year has brought me around on Tszyu as likely the top man at 154 pounds. And I respect what Mendoza did to get himself here, but I can’t ignore that until he cracked Sebastian Fundora, he had lost all but one round on only one judge’s scorecard.

You can’t rule out a knockout hitter completely. But, Tszyu’s last few fights have shown he can handle more skilled opponents with patience and discipline, so I don’t think he’s likely to give Mendoza his “puncher’s chance.” I expect Mendoza’s experience will lead Tszyu to attack with a bit of caution, so put me down for a wide decision instead of an early finish. Tszyu UD-12

Patrick Stumberg (88-27)

Is there a word for “makes perfect sense in every regard except competitiveness?” This is a fight between two top super welterweights with fan-friendly styles, but I just don’t see a path to victory for Mendoza besides recreating the Sunday punch that felled Sebastian Fundora. He doesn’t ask anything new of Tszyu the way Terrell Gausha and Tony Harrison did; we know full well that Tszyu’s size, power, and solid offensive craft can carry him through a slugfest.

Mendoza fell short against a bigger, stronger hitter in Jesus Ramos, who’s nowhere near Tszyu’s level even two years after beating Mendoza. He’s tough enough to last the distance, but he just doesn’t have the magic bullet to punch through Tszyu’s overwhelming offense. Tszyu UD-12

Quick Picks!

Janibek Alimkhanuly vs Vincenzo Gualtieri

  • Scott: Janibek UD-12
  • Wil: Janibek UD-12
  • John: Janibek TKO-7
  • Patrick: Janibek TKO-4

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