‘Garcia is a C+ fighter with a big name’: Haney expects to dominate in upcoming showdown


During a conversation with Fight Hub TV, Devin Haney talks about his upcoming PPV with Ryan Garcia and explains why he believes he’ll prove to be levels above his opponent, who he doesn’t rate very highly. Check out some of what Haney had to say with the full video interview above.

Haney on Garcia saying he wants to kill him in the ring

“Ryan might get killed trying to kill me. Sometimes when you want something so bad it backfires on you, so we’ll see. He might run into something that he can’t get up from.”

On if he sees himself stopping Garcia

“Yeah, I mean Ryan gets very aggressive, over-anxious, makes a lot of mistakes. We’ve been studying him, we see a lot of those mistakes, we look to capitalize on those and if everything goes to plan, I see me ending him.”

On how he rates Garcia compared to past opponents

“I think it’s a mismatch. Ryan Garcia is a C+ fighter with a big name. He has a name but he’s not on my level, not on the elite level. And I look to show that, that there’s levels to this and I’m a far better fighter and me and Ryan shouldn’t be in the ring. If he didn’t have the name then we wouldn’t be sharing the ring.

“Ryan is bringing one thing, a left hook to the table, and I’m bringing everything.”

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