Haney Seizes The Lead: BoxingScene Competition Index Update

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The number one spot in this competition index has been in flux throughout 2023 with Artur Beterbiev, Devin Haney, and Saul Alvarez all ending a quarter in the lead.

The year ends with Haney on top. The young man defended the undisputed lightweight title in a classic chess match with Vasyl Lomachenko and then moved up to chase one of the most highly regarded veterans in the junior welterweight division. Regis Prograis might not have been coming off a great performance but he was only once removed from an impressive knockout of Jose Zepeda and no one saw a shutout coming.

Inactivity remains a plague on the sport with four of the top ten having fought only once in 2023. For those four, it speaks to how they have maximized their minutes when in the ring in terms of their level of competition relative to their weight classes.    

Here’s a few notes on the update:

  • As was the case in the August update, this update focused almost exclusively on reigning primary titlists. Former titlists David Benavidez, who lost both his titles outside the ring, who vacated at featherweight to move to junior lightweight, was also included for consideration. Despite losing his IBF belt outside the ring, Jai Opetaia remains the lineal cruiserweight champion as was also included. 
  • A mathematical error attributed to strawweight Yudai Shigeoka in the last update has been corrected. 
  • Kazuto Ioka fell out of the top ten after ending the year with a win over unranked Josber Perez. Now unified flyweight titlist Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez enters the top ten for the first time. 
  • Four of this top ten are under the age of 30, a positive sign for the future of a sport that could use both more activity and youth.     
  • A total pool of 49 fighters were considered for this update. 

With three months to go in an excellent year for the sport in the ring, here’s where things stand.

1) Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 1 (46 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 1 (6 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 1 (19.85 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 2 (3.33) 

Age: 25

Current Alphabet Titles: WBC Super Lightweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Additional Lineal Titles: World Lightweight (2022-23, 2 Defenses)

Additional Titles: WBC Lightweight (2019-23, 7 Defenses*); Ring/TBRB/IBF/WBA/WBO Lightweight (2022-23, 2 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 4-0 (8-0, 1 KO including WBC interim/non-franchise title fights)

Last Five: Regis Prograis UD12 (#2 Ring/#1 TBRB – 140 [+]), Vasyl Lomachenko UD12 (#1 Ring/#2 TBRB – 135), George Kambosos UD12 (#1 – 135), George Kambosos UD12 (Champion – 135), Joseph Diaz UD12 (#6/#9 – 135)

Three Year Activity Kicker: Yes – Jorge Linares UD12 (#7/Unrated)

Next Opponent: TBA

*Haney’s initial WBC lightweight title was a result of franchise rules so whether it was the primary or secondary WBC title can be debated. 

The Take: Haney’s shutout win over Regis Prograis gave him his sixth consecutive victory over an opponent listed as champion or top ten by Ring and/or TBRB in their class. It is the longest active streak in the sport, with all of the wins coming inside the last three years. Haney’s battle with Lomachenko came down to the wire with arguments to be made for both men. Haney edged it and immediately went after one of the most established veterans at junior welterweight. Attractive opponents abound in Haney’s new division, including Ryan Garcia and lineal champion Teofimo Lopez, meaning there will be chances in 2024 to maintain his position.

2) Saul Alvarez (60-2-2, 39 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 2 (38.2 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 2 (5 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 4 (16.08 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 3 (3.65)

Age: 33

Current Lineal Titles: World Super Middleweight (2021-Present, 3 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBA Super Middleweight (2020-Present, 6 Defenses); WBC Super Middleweight (2020-Present, 6 Defenses); WBO Super Middleweight (2021-Present, 4 Defense); IBF Super Middleweight (2021-Present, 3 Defenses)

Additional Lineal Titles: World Middleweight (2015-21, 4 Defenses)

Additional Titles: WBC Super Welterweight (2011-13, 6 Defenses); Ring Super Welterweight (2013); WBC Middleweight (2015-17, 2 Defenses; 2018-19, 1 Defense); WBO Super Welterweight (2016-17); IBF middleweight (2019); WBO Light Heavyweight (2019);

WBA Middleweight (2018-21, 1 Defense); TBRB/Ring Magazine Middleweight (2015-17, 1 Defense; 2018-21, 1 Defense); Ring Magazine Super Middleweight (2020-Present, 6 Defenses); TBRB Super Middleweight (2021-Present, 3 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 20-2-1, 10 KO (21-2-1, 11 KO including WBA secondary title fights)

Last Five: Jermell Charlo UD12 (World Champion – 154 [–]), John Ryder UD12 (Ring/TBRB #5 – 168, Gennadiy Golovkin UD12 (#1 – (160[-]), Dmitrii Bivol L12 (#2/#1 – 175[+]), Caleb Plant TKO11 (#2 – 168)

Three Year Activity Kicker: Yes – Billy Joe Saunders RTD8 (Ring #5/TBRB #6 – 168)

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: With a near shutout of Jermell Charlo, Saul Alvarez defeated his third consecutive opponent found as champion or in the top ten of their division according to TBRB or Ring Magazine. Alvarez lost credit for his win over Callum Smith for this update as it aged past the three-year mark. A loss to highly ranked light heavyweight bad ass Dmitry Bivol barely hurts at this point as Alvarez’s burst of activity versus the COVID period continues to count. In seven starts over the last three years, only Avni Yildirim was unranked. Alvarez benefits from two wins over fighters from below super middleweight since Bivol and the pressure will continue to rise for a showdown with leading divisional contender David Benavidez, but the big picture is an overall exceptional body of work.

3) Naoya Inoue (26-0, 23 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 3 (32.84 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 3 (4 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 2 (19.34 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 4 (4.3)

Age: 30

Current Lineal Titles: World Jr. Featherweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBC Super Bantamweight (2023-Present, 1 Defense); WBO Jr. Featherweight  (2023-Present, 1 Defense); IBF Jr. Featherweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses); WBO Jr. Featherweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Additional Lineal Titles: World Bantamweight (2022-23, 1 Defense)

Additional Titles: WBC Light Flyweight (2014, 1 Defense); WBO Jr. Bantamweight (2014-18, 7 defenses); Ring Magazine Bantamweight (2019-23, 6 Defenses); IBF Bantamweight (2019-23, 6 Defenses); TBRB Bantamweight (2022-23, 1 Defense) WBA Bantamweight (2019-23, 5 Defenses); WBC Bantamweight (2022-23, 1 Defense); WBO Bantamweight (2022-23); TBRB/Ring Jr. Featherweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 19-0, 17 KO (21-0, 19 KO including sub-title fights) 

Last Five: Marlon Tapales KO10 (#2 – 122), Stephen Fulton TKO8 (#1 – 122[+]), Paul Butler KO11 (#6/#8 – 118), Nonito Donaire TKO2 (#1/#2 – 118), Aran Dipaen TKO8 (Unranked – 118)

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: Inoue won a pair of titles in his fourth division with one of the best wins of his career, a shutout masterpiece of undefeated Stephen Fulton punctuated with a knockout finish. The encore for 2023 was another knockout win. Marlon Tapales was more competitive than Fulton and lasted two more rounds before Inoue completed the first complete unification of the junior featherweight division since its modern launch in 1976. It was Inoue’s ninth top ten win in his last eleven fights and fourth in a row. Of those nine wins, eight were ranked in the top five at bantamweight or junior featherweight by TBRB, Ring, or both. 

4) Artur Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 4 (29 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 4 (4 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 6 (13 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 5 (5.2)

Age: 38

Current Lineal Titles: World Light Heavyweight (2019-Present, 4 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: IBF Light Heavyweight (2017-Present, 7 Defenses); WBC Light Heavyweight (2019-Present, 4 Defenses); WBO Light Heavyweight (2022-Present, 1 Defenses) 

Additional Titles: TBRB Light Heavyweight (2019-Present, 4 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 8-0, 8 KO

Last Five: Anthony Yarde TKO8 (Ring Magazine #7/TBRB #6 – 175), Joe Smith Jr. TKO2 (#3/#2 – 175), Marcus Browne KO9 (#6/#5 – 175), Adam Deines (Unrated), Oleksandr Gvozdyk TKO10 (#1/TBRB Champion – 175)

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

Next Opponent: January 13, 2024 vs. #3 Callum Smith (29-1, 21 KO)

The Take: Beterbiev got more than he bargained for with a spirited challenge from Anthony Yarde. As spirited as it was, Yarde ended up being the latest victim of a perfect statistical run. Beterviev has yet to need the judges. It was Beterbiev’s third consecutive top ten win at light heavyweight and fourth in his last five starts. The most fearsome light heavyweight in the world has only the most cerebral, Dmitrii Bivol, in the way of joining a recent trend toward undisputed champions in the sport. Beterbiev’s mandatory with former super middleweight titlist Callum Smith was postponed as the latest health issues plagued Beterbiev in a career full of them. Could Beterbiev-Smith upset the Bivol apple cart?

5) Gervonta Davis (29-0, 27 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 9 (28.25 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 6 (4 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 3 (16.67 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 9 (6.24) 

Age: 29

Current Alphabet Titles: None

Additional Titles: IBF Super Featherweight (2017, 1 Defense); WBA Super Featherweight (2018-19, 2 Defenses; 2020-21)

Record in Title Fights: 6-0, 6 KO (12-0, 11 KO including interim or sanctioning body sub-title title fights)

Last Five: Ryan Garcia KO7 (#3 – 135), Hector Garcia TKO9 (#2 – 130[-]), Rolly Romero (Unrated), Isaac Cruz (#9/#6 – 135), Mario Barrios (#7/#9 – 140[++])

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: Davis got off to a big start in 2023. Ranked at the fringes of the top 30 in the competition index at the end of 2022, Davis entered the top ten strong. Davis added a pair of highly rated wins and has faced ranked opposition in five of his last six. The Santa Cruz win aged out at the end of October and Davis has yet to announce a new foe for the new year. Davis is the undisputed star of the lightweight division, coming off his rich showdown with Ryan Garcia. With Haney testing the waters at junior welterweight, the best fights at lightweight are probably showdowns with Shakur Stevenson and Vasyl Lomachenko but those fights have promotional hurdles. A PBC showdown with undefeated Frank Martin would be an excellent contest.  

6) Jermell Charlo (35-2-1, 19 KO) 

Overall Points Rank: 5 (28.83 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 11 (3 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 18 (8.58 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking Rank: 1 (1.98)

Age: 33 

Lineal Titles: World Jr. Middleweight (2020-Present, 2 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBC Super Welterweight (2019-Present, 3 Defenses); WBA “super” Super Welterweight (2020-Present, 2 Defenses)

Additional Titles: WBC Super Welterweight (2016-18, 3 Defenses); IBF Jr. Middleweight (2020-23, 2 Defenses); WBO Jr. Middleweight (2022-23); Ring Magazine Jr. Middleweight (2020-Present, 2 Defenses); TBRB Jr. Middleweight (2022-Present, 0 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 7-2-1, 6 KO

Last Five Opponents: Saul Alvarez L12 (Champion – 168), Brian Castano KO10 (#1/#2 – 154), Brian Castano D12 (#3/#2 – 154), Jeison Rosario KO8 (#2/#1 – 154), Tony Harrison KO11 (#6/#3 – 154)

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: Despite a loss to Alvarez where Charlo did little to make the super middleweight king uncomfortable, he remains the lineal and unified junior middleweight champion. Alvarez was his fifth straight opponent ranked near the top of their division by one or both bodies utilized here and Charlo likely won’t have a light option should he return to junior middleweight. Welterweight champion Terence Crawford would be a big money option. Tim Tszyu now has Charlo’s vacated WBO belt and is the clear number one contender to the lineal throne. Charlo will have opportunities to bounce back from a disappointing effort just as Alvarez did after his loss to Bivol.     

7) Terence Crawford (40-0, 31 KO) 

Points Rank: 10 (21.5 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 7 (4 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 9 (12.5 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 10 (6.7)

Age: 36

Current Lineal Titles: World Welterweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBO Welterweight (2018-Present, 7 Defenses)

Additional Lineal Titles: World Lightweight (2014-15); World Jr. Welterweight (2016-17, 3 Defenses)

Additional Titles: WBO Lightweight (2014-15, 2 Defenses); TBRB/Ring Lightweight (2014-15); WBO Light Welterweight (2015-17, 6 Defenses); WBC/TBRB/Ring Super Lightweight (2016-17, 3 Defenses); WBA Super Lightweight (2017); IBF Jr. Welterweight (2017); TBRB/Ring Welterweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Record in Title Fights: 18-0, 15 KO

Last Five: Errol Spence TKO9 (#1 – 147); David Avanesyan KO6 (#8/#9 – 147); Shawn Porter TKO10 (#4 – 147); Kell Brook TKO4 (Unranked – 147); Egidijus Kavaliauskas TKO9 (#8/#10 – 147)

Three Year Activity Kicker: No 

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: “Bud” left no doubt about his place in the welterweight division. This index reflects only what did happen without consideration of why. Terence Crawford for years didn’t get some of the fights he needed to cement his place in the sport. He easily beat the guys who beat men like Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov and credit wasn’t always fulsome. Manny Pacquiao didn’t happen when Pacquiao was with Top Rank or PBC, and the latter umbrella hosted most of the best of the welterweight division. They could compete against each other without him. After the Spence beating, Crawford is undeniable. The first man to capture lineal thrones from lightweight to welterweight since Barney Ross; the first man to unify four major titles in two divisions since the birth of the WBO; and, in terms of this index, the winner of three straight and four of his last five against the top ten at welterweight. The world awaits the Spence encore.  

8) Teofimo Lopez (19-1, 13 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 15 (15.5 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 13 (3 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 5 (14 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 7 (5.6)

Age: 26

Current Lineal Titles: World Jr. Welterweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBO Jr. Welterweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Additional Lineal Titles: World Lightweight (2020-21)

Additional Titles: TBRB/Ring Jr. Welterweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses); IBF Lightweight (2019-21, 1 Defense), TBRB/Ring/WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO Lightweight (2020-21) 

Record in Title Fights: 3-1, 1 KO

Last Five: Josh Taylor UD12 (Champion – 140); Sandor Martin SD12 (Ring Unranked/#6 – 140); Pedro Campa TKO7 (Unranked – 140); George Kambosos L12 (#8 – 135); Vasyl Lomachenko UD12 (Champion/#1 – 135)

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: A two-division lineal champion at age 26 with victories over Lomachenko and the then-undefeated Taylor is about as good as any fighter could ask for right now. The stunning loss to Kambosos between those two wins is the drag on Lopez’s place. Combine it with a lackluster win over Martin and we may have one of the most mercurial talents in boxing since James Toney. We can’t know for sure what version of Lopez we’ll see from fight to fight, but in his two most significant fights fans saw a savvy, quick, sharp battler capable of beating anyone. The talent pool at 135 and 140 pounds gives Lopez plenty of tantalizing options in the coming years.   

9) Kenshiro Teraji (22-1, 14 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 11 (21 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 8 (4 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 19 (8.5 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 6 (5.5)

Age: 31

Current Lineal Titles: World Jr. Flyweight (2022-Present, 2 Defenses)

Current Alphabet Titles: WBC light flyweight (2022-Present, 3 Defenses); WBA light flyweight (2022-Present, 2 Defenses)

Additional Titles: TBRB/Ring Jr. Flyweight (2022-Present, 2 Defenses), WBC light flyweight (2017-21, 8 Defense) 

Record in Title Fights: 13-1, 9 KO, 1 KOBY

Last Five: Hekkie Budler TKO9 (#2#/3 – 108), Anthony Olascuaga TKO9 (Unranked – 108), Hiroto Kyoguchi (Champion/#2 – 108), Masamichi Yabuki KO3 (#2/#1 – 108), Masamichi Yabuki TKO by 10 (#10/Unranked – 108)

Three Year Activity Kicker: Yes – Tetsuya Hisada UD12 (#6/#7 – 108)

Next Opponent: January 23, 2024 vs. #7/#4 Carlos Canizales (26-1-1, 19 KO)

The Take: Teraji made it four wins in a row since a shocking loss to Yabuki that may have been influenced by Teraji’s first appearance after a bout with COVID. He avenged his lone loss violently and then destroyed the undefeated Kyoguchi. He still has his eye on being the first undisputed champion in junior flyweight history. Kenshiro is making his case with the upper echelon of the division’s history, a tier that includes Hall of Fame battlers Hilario Zapata, Jung Koo Chang, Myung-Wuh Yuh, Michael Carbajal, and Humberto Gonzalez. Accomplishing something none of those great fighters could would be a feather in his cap. In the meantime, a win over Canizales would mean five top ten wins by the next update in March. 

10) Jesse Rodriguez (19-0, 12 KO)

Overall Points Rank: 8 (23.5 pts)

Unique Rated Wins Rank: 12 (3 unique wins)

Last Two Starts Rank: 13 (10 pts)

Average Opponent Ranking: 13 (7.06)

Age: 23

Current Alphabet Titles: WBO Flyweight (2023-Present, 1 Defense); IBF Flyweight (2023-Present, 0 Defenses)

Additional Titles: WBC Super Flyweight (2022, 2 Defenses*) 

Record in Title Fights: 2-0, 1 KO (5-0, 2 KO including WBC non-franchise title fights)

Last Five: Sunny Edwards RTD9 (#1 – 112), Christian Gonzalez UD12 (Unrated – 112), Israel Gonzalez UD12 (Unrated – 115), Srisaket Sor Rungvisai TKO8 (#1/#2 – 115), Carlos Cuadras UD12 (#6/#8 – 115) 

Three Year Activity Kicker: No

*Rodriguez’s WBC super bantamweight title was a result of franchise rules so whether it was the primary or secondary WBC title can be debated. 

Next Opponent: TBA

The Take: Rodriguez has proven to be a gamer with his most impressive outings coming against his most impressive opponents. After a highly skilled first half, Rodriguez took over and punished Sunny Edwards in their flyweight unification bout. The win goes nicely with a pair of 2022 victories over two of the “Hardcore Four” that made for a golden age at junior bantamweight. Rodriguez was the first fighter to stop Sor Rungvisai since his second pro fight in 2009. Roman Gonzalez, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Carlos Cuadras couldn’t do the same. Rodriguez is likely headed back up the scale. 25-year old Junto Nakatani is already headed to bantamweight and they will be just pounds apart in the near future. It’s not too early to start beating the drums for what could be a special fight in the next few years.   

Rest of the Top Thirty: Leigh Wood (Ranked 18 on Overall Points/19 on Unique Wins/6 on Last Two Starts/11 on Average Opponent Ranking), Juan Francisco Estrada (12/16/13/14), Shakur Stevenson (7/5/38/12), Dmitry Bivol (13/17/19/14), Joe Cordina (19/20/6/19), Emanuel Navarrete (20/14/12/20), Tie – Tyson Fury (6/15/42/8)/Kazuto Ioka (17/9/27/18), Tim Tszyu (15/18/19/23), Tie – Oleksandr Usyk (14/31/17/16)/Yudai Shigeoka (22/21/9/26), Chris Billam-Smith (23/22/11/32), Tie – Ginjiro Shigeoka (28/2516/20)/David Benavidez (25/23/13/28), Junto Nakatani (21/10/34/27), O’Shaquie Foster (27/24/23/30), Oscar Collazo (28/25/24/37), Fernando Martinez (25/33/35/28), Jai Opetaia (24/32/42/24), Jason Moloney (37/39/30/17)

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Here’s how it works:

Using the most recent ratings available in a print issue of Ring (or now monthly sample of online ratings) or the most recent archived Transnational Boxing Rankings Board ratings prior to a fight:

  • Every primary WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO titlist was evaluated based on the official results against their last five opponents and/or last three years of activity and what those opponents were rated heading into the fight. Select notable non-titlists are also included. 
  • Wins over rated opponents started at 11 points for a recognized TBRB or Ring champion down to one point for defeating a number ten contender. Draws got half credit. No points were given for a No Contest or No Decision but the result will be noted.
  • Fighters who have produced a higher activity level were given a kicker score for any wins over rated opposition in the last three years no later than January 1, 2021. Everyone evaluated was scored for their last five opponents even if that was past the three year mark.
  • Losses to rated opponents were given an inverse score, beginning with -1 for a champion down to -11.
  • Losses to unrated opponents received a universal score of -12.
  • Wins over unrated opponents were worth nothing.
  • If there is a difference between a fighter’s Ring and TBRB rankings, the average of the two numbers was used (i.e. a win over a fighter rated second by one body and fifth by the other would be worth 7.5 pts).
  • If a fighter was rated by only Ring or TBRB, half credit was given for a win based on the single rating. A loss total would come from an average of -12 and the point loss that would apply to the rating that was in place. 
  • Moves between weight classes were adjusted for by taking into consideration the body weight shift between weight classes. In other words, if a rated Jr. welterweight jumped up to beat a rated welterweight, the math would work like this: 147/140 multiplied by the divisional rating score. It works in reverse for a win over a fighter rated lower (i.e. 160/168 multiplied by the smaller fighters rating in his class). In an over the weight class fight, the divisions the men were rated in were used.
  • Fighters from a higher class are noted with a [+], from a lower [-], after the weight limit of their respective weight class. The totals generated result in a rating for overall total score. 
  • Each fighter evaluated is given a score for how many unique wins they have against rated opponents; beating the same opponent twice counts for only one unique win. They are then rated based on unique wins with tiebreakers decided by whoever holds higher total points. 
  • A rating is generated for the point total for each fighter’s last two wins. 
  • The Ring/TBRB rankings for each fighter’s qualified opponents is generated on a scale of 0-11 (0 for champion/11 for unranked). Adjustments are made for weight classes. As an example, super middleweight champion Saul Alvarez’s 2022 loss at light heavyweight to Dmitrii Bivol came with Bivol ranked #2 by Ring and #1 by TBRB at light heavyweight. That’s an average ranking of 1.5. Adjusting for the move up in weight, 168 is divided by 175 and multiplied by 1.5 for a 1.44. Conversely, Alvarez’s defense at super middleweight against #1 ranked middleweight Gennadiy Golovkin would result in a 1.5 for Golovkin. The opponent rankings are combined and divided by total qualified fights for an average opponent ranking. Those averages were ordered lowest to highest and assigned a rating. 
  • The rating in each scoring category (Total/Unique Wins/Last Two Bouts/Average Opponent Ranking) were averaged against each other for a final score. Tiebreakers go to the fighter with the highest overall points.   
  • All divisions were treated equally based on the idea fighters can only face the men in their division while they are there and all point totals were applied based on official results.

Cliff Rold is the Managing Editor of BoxingScene, a founding member of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, a member of the International Boxing Research Organization, and a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.  He can be reached at [email protected]  

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