‘He shows his confidence running his mouth, I show my confidence in the ring’: Rodriguez talks showdown with Edwards


During today’s opening press conference for the Dec. 16 flyweight unification between Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards, both fighters spoke with Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn spoke about the fight. Not surprisingly Edwards had a lot more to say than Rodriguez, but check out some of what both had to say down below!

Edwards on this big opportunity against Rodriguez

“This is the fight that I’ve been waiting for, before it was even Bam. I mean, before Bam went up two weights and sort of shocked the world the way he did against a great fighter and continued to look great — before all of that I was waiting for the big event to be a part of.

“I think Bam Rodriguez is one of the best fighters under 30 in the world of boxing right now, I think this won’t be the only time we’re sat here, I don’t think it’s the only weight we’ll fight at either. I think we’ll see each other again. But, yeah, I’m looking forward to the event, the whole even thus far. Thanks for the first class flight tickets, Eddie. I flew comfortably.

“But this is what it’s about, these sort of fights, seeing him here, seeing the WBO world title. I was on the WBO route before I was on the IBF route…so to have the two proper belts is a dream come true.”

Edwards on if he needs to get under Rodriguez’s skin to get him off his game plan

“I’ll be perfectly honest, mind games and trying to get little advantage…all of that is immaterial to me. I’ll be real. I think he’s a great fighter, he’s shown that he’ll fight scarier fighters than me on paper at a week’s notice. So am I gonna try to get into the man’s head? No, I don’t need to…I don’t think I need that advantage, I genuinely think I’m good enough

“Bam is a tremendous fighter but the reality is that you’re telling me now to walk through those sort of gates to the other side of how good I am as a fighter — I’ve got to go through a 23-year-old fighter. And unfortunately that’s just the reality of how I see it. He’s a very good fighter but I think a 30-year-old Bam is going to be better than 23-year-old, and that’s just the way it is.”

Rodriguez on what he thinks of Edwards

“Of course, we’re two different people. He shows his confidence running his mouth, but I show my confidence in the ring. I never get my will broken. My last fight I had my jaw broken, still kept going for six rounds. So that just shows the confidence I have in myself. I know anyone I get in the ring with, I’m gonna beat ‘em.”

Rodriguez on facing a difficult style like Edwards, considering he’s going to do a lot of moving

“Sunny’s a great fighter. Every one of his fight’s I’ve seen he’s the one on the back foot, hitting and moving, hit and don’t get hit. But I feel like he hasn’t face anyone like me, someone with good footwork, someone with determination to win, December 16. It’s going to be a good one.”

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