‘He’ll give trouble to everybody’: Robert Garcia says Pitbull poses real threat to all other 140 champions


Trainer Robert Garcia weighs in on last weekend’s action, highlighted by Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz’s stoppage win over Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero and discusses how he thinks Cruz would fare against the other champions at 140. Needless to say, Garcia says Pitbull wouldn’t be an easy out for any of them no matter how talented they are.

Garcia on Isaac Cruz’s performance against Rolando Romero

“No disrespect to the main event because Fundora, great person, and two great fighters, but Cruz vs Rolly was probably the main event — should’ve been the main event. I think the whole crowd was there for that fight. The fans from what I understand, I wasn’t there, but everybody was cheering for Pitbull. I think he stole the night. Pitbull, it’s going to be hard to get beat.

“I’m not saying he beats everybody but he’ll give trouble to everybody. His style is one of those styles that’s going to give anybody trouble. You could have the best talented fighter, the hardest puncher, you could have the best boxer — whatever it is, Pitbull’s going to give you trouble.”

On how Cruz matches up against the other 140 lb champions

“I think at 140 right now Pitbull, even to Devin Haney, I don’t think Devin Haney will have an easy fight against Pitbull. But I think he could control with his jab, with his good boxing skills, his reach and pull off maybe a decision. I don’t think he could hurt or knockout Pitbull but I think he could pull out a decision.

“I think with the rest of the guys, I think I could probably say they’re 50/50 fights. I think with Matias, even though he’s got tremendous power, Pitbull has a tremendous chin and takes a good punch and he’s just so aggressive, throws so many punches from different angles that I’d say those are 50/50 fights.

“Even against Teofimo, I love Teofimo, he has great skills, I still think Pitbull vs Teofimo would be a great fight. That’s probably the best one I would want to see better than anybody else.”

On how he views a Cruz vs Matias fight

“I see both ending up in the hospital, man. Both. It’s a scary fight…if I’m not mistaken Rey Martinez fought both fighters ended up in the hospital because they just took a beating and they had to get checked out. But, yeah, I think it’s one of the fights where both, because Matias, very dangerous guy, man. That power that he’s got…even if you beat him, you’re still going to end up in the hospital because that’s how dangerous that guy is.

“And Pitbull also, he’s dangerous, he keeps on coming. Maybe he doesn’t have the same power that Matias has but he just keeps coming, keeps coming and he’s chopping you down round by round until you’re out. He doesn’t have that one punch power but he does continue landing and landing and breaking you down little by little.”

On how you prepare a fighter for a grueling fight like that

“Honestly, I probably try to stay away from those type of fights. But it is a business. Sometimes those fights are the biggest payday for you and I can’t stop my fighters from getting the biggest paydays out there or else I’m not doing my job also. But I would have to focus on coming up with a good game plan. The bottom line, it just won’t be easy. Those guys are very difficult. Anybody at 135 or 140 will have trouble against Pitbull, even including my fighters.”

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