‘I don’t think her power’s going to shock me’: Mayer says she’s physically prepared to face Jonas


Mikaela Mayer is scheduled to make her official debut at welterweight a the top of the year when she faces Natasha Jonas for the IBF title on January 20. Speaking to Sky Sports, Mayer responds to assertions that she’ll notice a real difference in size and power in this new division and says she’s be diligently preparing and towers over Jonas.

Mayer says she’s spent the past year moving up in weight slowly to and has taken steps to ensure that she’ll fill out in the division quite nicely — albeit not ‘nicely’ as far as Jonas is concerned.

“I spar heavy guys in the gym all the time. I spar strong women too. I don’t think her power’s going to shock me at all. She’s going to be taken aback by just how big and strong I am. I think she’s underestimating that.”

Mayer would continue by explaining that while Jonas may be an experienced opponent, she doesn’t really view her as a dangerous one and expects the fight to be a tactical affair against the lefty. In this matchup Mayer expects Jonas will notice a stark contrast to her usual opponents once she realizes the skill that’s combined with the size.

“What I lack in power and size, in her eyes, I’m definitely going to make up in ring experience and IQ because she’s never fought someone at that weight of my skill.”

Mayer will have the opportunity to prove herself right in just over a month’s time.

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