‘They should get rid of people like this’: Teofimo Sr criticizes Ortiz’s performance against his son


In the aftermath of Teofimo Lopez’s decision win over Jamaine Ortiz last night, his father Teofimo Lopez Sr spoke to Fight Hub TV about his thoughts on the results, saying he doesn’t even believe it was a close fight at all and that Ortiz doesn’t deserve a platform like this based on how he fought. Check out some excerpts below.

Lopez Sr on the end result of the fight

“I think the 117-111, alright man, but I had him winning almost every round. Like this is crazy. If you want to come here, if he wanted to box, okay, I can understand that but you got to let your hands go while you box.

“This guy came, literally just running without letting his hands go because he knew if he would’ve tried to touch or tried to throw while he was running he would’ve got countered. We waited for that but it never happened, he never came for it.

“Totally, we had more punches than him, he was missing everything that he sometimes threw. But we’re happy with the win, we go another day. Hopefully we get a better dancing partner next time ‘cause this was ridiculous. They should get rid of people like this in boxing, for real.”

On the fan reaction to the decision

“Nobody really booed…they booed the other guy as soon as he came up so it was just one of those fights that you can’t give the public what they want because you don’t have a good partner there to show your skills. But we’ll be alright. We’ll come back and hopefully get somebody who wants to fight.”

On believing his son won the fight clearly

“It wasn’t no close fight. If you see, we are winning ‘positive aggression’ it’s called. We’re touching him, we’re hitting him to the body. Those are the only shots that we could sometimes get in there because it’s a little bit difficult a guy in the face or anywhere else if he’s running like that.

“Cutting the corners, we did that. But this guy wasn’t even boxing backwards, he was just running so that’s even harder to cut the corners that way. But we’ll get ready for this because this is exactly what everybody’s going to do now, going to try to just run backwards, run backwards, run backwards. They think that’s the only way to beat my son but I think that (Ortiz) was really hurt in a lot of the rounds sometimes. I thought that we had him but that’s why he didn’t want to commit, he felt the power from the beginning.

“He was just playing it safe. He doesn’t even belong in the boxing world. This is two men going in there and the best man wins. But, I mean, you got to go at it.”

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