Tyson Fury’s Father cuts himself headbutting member of team usyk


By: Sean Crose

Perhaps no one should be surprised. John Fury, father of WBC titlist Tyson Fury, headbutted a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team in Saudi Arabia on Monday. Usyk is, of course, fighting the younger Fury this Saturday for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. That fact, however, didn’t keep a melee from occurring between the two fighter’s teams just days before the match. “We can’t be beat!” the senior Fury yelled to the crowd after the headbutt, blood streaming down his forehead. Afterward, he told The Stomping Ground that he was fine. In spite of all that had just transpired, Fury actually then tipped his hat to Usyk. “I have to admire him,” he said of his son’s opponent.

Fury had also added that peace had subsequently been made between the two camps. “They came and apologized to me,” he said, “and he didn’t have to.” When asked what led to the headbutt, Fury was clear: “He (a member of Team Usyk) said something about my son.” The whole affair was classic John Fury, a boisterous, good natured supporter of his son who nonetheless is known for flying off the handle. Although this sort of thing isn’t uncommon in boxing, it’s never good to see a melee erupt, especially between individuals who won’t even be squaring off in the ring themselves.

The truth is that energy levels are quite high now that Fury and Usyk are finally going to square off this weekend. First of all, there hasn’t been an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world since the reign of the great Lennox Lewis – and that was ages ago. What’s more, the fight was postponed after Fury got hurt in training earlier this year. Sure enough, there is still fear that something might occur which, even at this late date, will keep the highly anticipated throwdown from happening as scheduled in five days.

The truth is that Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are in many ways opposites, not only stylistically, but personality-wise, as well. Fury is towering, loud and enigmatic. The relatively chill (and at times funny) Usyk, on the other hand, is a more traditionally built heavyweight. Usyk is also a man who loves to employ angles in the ring, while Fury can be aggressive, but also extremely slippery. Two different fighters. Two different outlooks. Little wonder that, on the eve of the biggest heavyweight battle in years, tempers are starting to flare. Let’s just hope everyone keeps things in check from here on out.

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